The basses and guitars manufactured by Petrounov Musical Instruments, and designed by world renowned Bulgarian musician Alexander Petrounov, have a unique “harp” flair that accentuate their pure tones. The instruments are available in all types of exotic and rare hardwoods in wide varieties of colors or natural finishes.

   The basses have a specially designed active electronic preamp system with three band EQ (bass, mid and treble), one master volume and a balance control or two separate volume controls.

   The guitars have passive electronics for the two humbuckers with a five way selector switch, simple volume and tone controls for maximum tonal quality as preferred by most of today's top guitarists.

   These designs are the culmination of thirty-five years of experience playing rock, jazz, pop, rhythm & blues, classical and folk music. The Petrounov Musical Instruments achieve an elegance of design while delivering a beautifully balanced tone, allowing for perfect functionality in all genres of music.

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